Poster with QR code

Jordan added a QR code to the SCinciHacks poster to save people fumbling for pencil / paper.

Grab it at SCinciHacksQRPoster!

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The Time Has Come…

…to promote SCinciHacks!

Poster’s available here.

Short blurb, if you’re struggling as to how to describe it to friends/family:  ”SCinciHacks is a 100% free sci/tech/eng buildathon where mentored groups will work together in teams to build something awesome.”



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SCinciHacks Details!

If you’re visiting this site, you’ve heard of the upcoming SCinciHacks event, a two-day science and technology buildathon held at The Hive, Cincinnati’s collaborative makerspace. SCinciHacks is an event where you’ll work for 36* hours with a team of like-minded individuals to build something useful and awesome.

Example projects could include…

  • autotitrator to do your AP Chemistry labs
  • wireless sensor network to track temperature differences across campus
  • Google Calendar integration for your Roomba
  • realtime wikipedia edit visualizer
  • a lasercut centrifuge for the DIYBio movement
  • a hobby-servo robotic arm with Android control

You’ll have access to all the tools you need. Soldering irons, a laser cutter, even 3D printers will be ready for use. People with experience in electrical and mechanical design and fabrication will be able to help you debug your prototypes. Electrical and mechanical supplies – Arduinos, sensors, motors, hot glue, acrylic, and more will be available for your use. Professionals and teachers from businesses and schools across Cincinnati will work with you over the course of two days to build something awesome.

Here’re the fast facts:

Who: This event is designed for high school and college students with an interest in science, technology, engineering, or math. That being said, if you’re forty years old and you and your friends want to put together that UAV that’s been hogging your workbench, we’ll do what we can to help.

When: Orientation and meet-and-greet happens Friday night, seven to ten PM. The building starts bright-and-early on Saturday morning, lasting 36 hours from 8am October 22nd to 8pm on the 23rd – We expect people to be building all night, but you don’t have to!

Ten minute demos will run from 8pm to 9pm on Sunday.

Where: Hive 13, Cincinnati’s Hackerspace, located at 2929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225.

What: Two days of building! Hands on experience! Learning! Free** food!

Why: Because not many things beat having an idea, learning what you need to do it, and doing it. Two days is usually long enough for the ideation and prototype process to run through once, giving you enough time to have something working by the end.

What Now?

Join the mailing list! The event is still in the planning stages – all the good discussions will happen on our mailing list on Google Groups at

Sign up! You can register at The event will be free, but space is limited! Sign up now to make sure you have a spot!

If you or your company is willing or able to donate your time, talents, or treasure to helping out, please drop me a line! We’re actively looking for sponsors!

If you’re interested in mentoring a team of high school or college students to build something awesome, send me an email at!

*We won’t hate you if you sleep for some of these 36hrs. Most of us will.

**Breakfasts and dinners will be provided – we’ll break for lunch, and be coordinating delivery. Bring a few dollars.

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